Hi, I'm Elaine!

This is Maison Sacrée

Hi, I'm Elaine!

This is Maison Sacrée

I help entrepreneurs gain control and feel powerful about their digital presence. Find out how!

Let yourself explore the fun and intuitive side of websites, hold the infinite power of this platform and truly express who you are.

Here, digital magic is within your reach!

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A deep dive in my creative mind, Instagram is the place I share most vibrantly the magic of my daily life.

This is how you get to spend one hour with me and go through your questions and your website! If you want to check the vibe -> this is it!

Art & Decor

My intuitive art brins a touch of sacred in your home


The french podcast that demystifies the digital realm 🔮🧿🧬🌛✨

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