About Maison Sacrée

Launched officially in 2019, Maison Sacrée – translating to Sacred Home – is an idea that took its time to come alive. 

At its core there is me, elaine, my ideas, my creativity. And art… Art feels like it’s most of my life, along with my family and my friends. Maison Sacrée was born from that need to share Art – yes, with a capital A – with those around me.

Art is everywhere around us: it’s in our lives, in our relationship with other Humans and with nature. It’s in our culture and our traditions. It’s in a cookie recipe as much as the display of flowers in your yard.

And that Art is a sacred force, a divine flow, a creative pull that us Humans cannot stop reaching for in everything. In music, spices, sunsets and moonrises.

This Sacred Home is an invitation to let Art come into your home. To let in the light of day, the sacredness of the mundane, the magic of the little things, the power of big feelings… 

It’s a community where the beauty of this very moment, the present, can transform into colours on a canvas, love for others and kindness towards ourselves.

A little about me - elaine!

I’m an artist born in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, in the beautiful province of Quebec. You could describe me in a myriad of ways: I am a mother, a web designer, a witch, a generous human, a food-lover, a shining star.

I grew up outside, throwing rocks in the River and catching Moon rays on fresh snow. I grew up creating, writing, drawing, always dreaming… 

I am very little today that I wasn’t when I was a kid. Maison Sacrée is the space that was always in my heart. It’s my soul that is here, putting colours on paper and words in screen.

Please, be kind to it.

Portrait de ma lumière par Patricia Potvin

Services and experience

I have more than 10 years of experience as a Web professional. 10 beautiful years to learn, grow my knowledge and put it into practice.

Today, I am grateful to share my skills by creating better online experiences: ones that are out of the ordinary. To create online platforms that can bring local businesses to shine their light and create a better world.

If you want to learn more about my professional journey to this day, you can have a look at my “corporate” website (only in French) elainebosse.com

I’m also quite easy to find on LinkedIn if you want to get a full resume of my skills and past employers.